We focus our efforts in three areas of practice:

Leadership Development

We design experiential learning curriculum to fit the needs of your organization, facilitate workshops and retreats, and ensure that learning is integrated through follow-up sessions and peer interaction.

Areas of focus:
- purpose and vision
- diversity/cultural awareness
- interpersonal communication
- team effectiveness

Policy & Advocacy

We facilitate action on public policy to assist organizations in advocating for the issues that are important in our society. We work with you to frame the issues, create a strategy, connect to stakeholders, and execute on a plan of action.

Areas of focus:
- issue framing
- stakeholder/resource outreach
- strategy development
- project management

Strategic Thinking

We guide you through a process to articulate major organizational issues, map the situation, and create a plan for action that generates innovative options to address long-standing and long-term challenges.

Areas of focus:
- issue assessment
- stakeholder engagement
- strategy development
- action planning